Sunday, 18 April 2010

Thorpe Vale 10/04/2010

This is a Private pond £65 a year membership .
Well the day started bright and kinda cool decided on a Maggot bus to start with a running ledger rig and it brought me some nice fish , several Rudd but the bites where very light as they where mostly small fish alot of the time I brought back empty maggot cases,landed two Perch one so tiny I'm surprised it didnt escape the hook but it wouldnt let go of the maggots, the other was a pound and half which a friend has a photo which I will post when it arrives.
so now to the interesting part of the day ,from one o'clock time it slowed down fewer bites so I swapped to a maggot feeder float ingenius piece of kit with a size sixteen hook to eighteen inches of six pound line, well had ten casts with this and returned five small Rudd, well the Geese that where on the pond early morning which had disappeared decided to return .Casting out my float to the desired spot this stupid great bird decide to land over my float as i was tightening my line up ,only for the damned thing to collect my line and it realised it was touching the line,it panicked and started to fly off pulling the line float and hook so as the hook caught in its leg and line over its wings and through them so the thing just got air born and holding my rod all hell broke loose a flying goose on the line well needless to say it never got to far and crashed into the water where its so called buddies decided to start a brawl so still holding my rod in two hands and several attempts to free the damned thing ,the line gave way taking my float .so with twenty minutes to go I used a pellet waggler and hook but could not get to the place I was fishing so never caught a thing to the end of the match.
 so the weigh in came around and I had caught six pound of fish, no blank for me thankfully. One of the guys took a pic of me and my Perch as its my best so far, well the damned thing had its photo taken and decide it was going to try free fall bank diving  the damned thing did this 3 times getting it back into the water .well if nothing else I got a reasonable tan