Thursday, 6 May 2010

Woodlands, Spilsby 24th Apr 2010

I have some pics and i will upload these soon .Well the day started out bright with a cool breeze and it stayed like this all day ,so i started with a feeder with a pellet fishing tight to the far bank caught a small carp within the first twenty minutes and no luck after that for and hour so switched to my pole and fished maggots catching small Bream ,Rudd,Roach and some BIG Gudgeon collected six pound of fish through the match .So this time i decided to stay on a bit after and fished the feeder with corn in the two hours i had after the match i caught more than four times the weight in the match dont you just hate that, but thats life and fishing

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Thorpe Vale 10/04/2010

This is a Private pond £65 a year membership .
Well the day started bright and kinda cool decided on a Maggot bus to start with a running ledger rig and it brought me some nice fish , several Rudd but the bites where very light as they where mostly small fish alot of the time I brought back empty maggot cases,landed two Perch one so tiny I'm surprised it didnt escape the hook but it wouldnt let go of the maggots, the other was a pound and half which a friend has a photo which I will post when it arrives.
so now to the interesting part of the day ,from one o'clock time it slowed down fewer bites so I swapped to a maggot feeder float ingenius piece of kit with a size sixteen hook to eighteen inches of six pound line, well had ten casts with this and returned five small Rudd, well the Geese that where on the pond early morning which had disappeared decided to return .Casting out my float to the desired spot this stupid great bird decide to land over my float as i was tightening my line up ,only for the damned thing to collect my line and it realised it was touching the line,it panicked and started to fly off pulling the line float and hook so as the hook caught in its leg and line over its wings and through them so the thing just got air born and holding my rod all hell broke loose a flying goose on the line well needless to say it never got to far and crashed into the water where its so called buddies decided to start a brawl so still holding my rod in two hands and several attempts to free the damned thing ,the line gave way taking my float .so with twenty minutes to go I used a pellet waggler and hook but could not get to the place I was fishing so never caught a thing to the end of the match.
 so the weigh in came around and I had caught six pound of fish, no blank for me thankfully. One of the guys took a pic of me and my Perch as its my best so far, well the damned thing had its photo taken and decide it was going to try free fall bank diving  the damned thing did this 3 times getting it back into the water .well if nothing else I got a reasonable tan

Monday, 29 March 2010

29 Mar 2010 Saltfeetby Fisheries ,Lincolnshire

Yeehaaaa its great to be on holiday from work ,Having a spare day to go bathe the spare maggots from Saturday I decided to go visit a not so local fishery and enjoy myself ,well enjoy myself was not how it started I'll tell you that for nothing ,lashed it down with rain on the way there ,thought about turning round ,but what the hell its just water same as in the pond .when I arrived there's no rain,
So paid for my days which was six pounds at reception (does a mean brekkie or bacon butty) got my matchbox with new brolly setup, Decided to start with a maggot feeder and three pound hooklink with a size sixteen hook and fished to the far bank near some overhanging tree.Not long after bathing the maggot bus the rod was bent over violently so lifted into the fish ,and you guessed it straight under the damned tree where it got away ,This happened twice more till I got the little bugger it was a small Mirror Carp about a pound in weight, carried on with this tactic till I had run out of patience with being dragged into the tree and losing hooks, That tree ought to have a health warning it must be pierced with hundreds of hooks and no antiseptic (must have at least six of mine) .

So knowing I said I would be home for five and it was now about two I changed the maggot feeder for a middy small pellet waggler using the korum running bead with clip from the maggot feeder and gave myself four feet depth and no extra shot just so it fell as natural as possible .BINGO well if only I had done this earlier. I would not have lost hooks and or my patience.I was in, this was it,I was catching almost every cast they may have only been small, except for a decent roach,a skimmer, and a nice chub, so time went by, and I got lost in the moment and was nearly seven oclock so I decided to put on a single white maggot and chucked the last hundred in at the deep end put the last survivor in with his diving buddies.
so leaving my rod slightly unattended as I was packing away ,leaving the bailing arm open so the rod sat while I had chance to finish the worst part of my trip (hate packing away),well I heard a whoosh and turning round seeing the line ripping from the reel I went carefully to the seat just as I sat down the damned rod shot off the rest an decided to try water skiing ,well I grasped out and caught the rod butt.after spend a few seconds getting the fish under control I had a quick look at my reel and there it was. the  knot from hell ,this stopped the line peeling off after getting a few turn back on the spool the fish took off listening to the ticking of the ratchet I hoped it never got to that damned knot which it never did, but it was back and forth fighting what seemed like a whale, for about 20 minutes always weary of that damed knot and realising I was set up for little fish it was there a fine common carp of about seven pounds,

 nice end eh! well I rang home to tell my sweetheart of a wife I was coming home to which I got an earful and the remember what time you said speech and the tea would have been in the dog lecture oh and yes the dog would have loved curry .
if you visit saltfleetby bait is available (but no maggots or worms)from the tackle shop/reception/butty shop . toilets are on site enjoy a great days angling.

27 Mar 2010 Novartis Pond

Since this is the first time I had drowned a few maggots in three months and needless to say it never went well. Set up with a simple loaded waggler fishing to approximately to a depth of three to four feet, with a size sixteen hook to three pound hook length of eight inches in length, Feeding few and often (most arriving at my feet due to the wind) caught six small rudd of two ounces each. Not one of my greatest days I have to admit but it got me out into the fresh air (at times it was more than fresh and had a waft of bran). well out of the guys who fished I ended up last but no blank, thank god for small mercies and few stray fish.
  Well if its any consolation if only to myself and a good deed for the day I helped a friends son and yes he did better than me so congratulations to him and even bigger applause HE SAT STILL ,good to see youngsters on the bank catching and I understand if they are not how boring it must be ,to be honest its still as bad for us oldies too.