Monday, 29 March 2010

27 Mar 2010 Novartis Pond

Since this is the first time I had drowned a few maggots in three months and needless to say it never went well. Set up with a simple loaded waggler fishing to approximately to a depth of three to four feet, with a size sixteen hook to three pound hook length of eight inches in length, Feeding few and often (most arriving at my feet due to the wind) caught six small rudd of two ounces each. Not one of my greatest days I have to admit but it got me out into the fresh air (at times it was more than fresh and had a waft of bran). well out of the guys who fished I ended up last but no blank, thank god for small mercies and few stray fish.
  Well if its any consolation if only to myself and a good deed for the day I helped a friends son and yes he did better than me so congratulations to him and even bigger applause HE SAT STILL ,good to see youngsters on the bank catching and I understand if they are not how boring it must be ,to be honest its still as bad for us oldies too.

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